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Every day our life brings to us the information. We get information through our eyes, ears, touches, taste, sense of smell. We constantly study ourself using information from surroundings. Constantly we absorb knowledge. We become more mature and skilled when we acquire the received knowledge.

It is considered, that the person has following five principal views of perception, we can
  • see
  • hear
  • touch
  • smell
  • taste
In one research source were investigations, that the person receives 78 % of the knowledge through visual perception, 13 % - through acoustical and 3 % through a smell, taste and touch. So, actually it can be, but agree, that for measurement something in percentage it is necessary to receive value of 100 % and from it to calculate parts. How to receive value of volume or the size of our knowledge received during our life? Alas, this problem uneasy...

Many people on a question, "That for you is more important: eyesight or hearing?", will tell - Certainly, eyesight! Sight takes the first place in the abovementioned list of perceptive abilities. But funny is the statement - "we appreciate something, only when we lose it". And only having lost hearing we will start to understand, what an important role it is occupied in our life. Very bright statement was addressed to Emmanuel Kant, it well illustrates this difference, - "Impossibility to see separates the person from things. The impossibility to hear separates the person from people".

The purpose and the topic

The main goal of our site - is HEARING . All information which we publish, is connected directly or by implication with this very important body of perception - our hearing. Our purpose - to pay attention to a problem of hearing loss and deafness, to help and support those who has problems with hearing, and to induce to protect the hearing those, who does not have any problem with hearing. But hearing loss not always can be for the reasons independent of us. Often people create themselves problems, not thinking of the result. Our ears is a very gentle organ. And the most important thing: hearing loss can be irreversible. Therefore, if we have received such a gift - good hearing it is necessary to protect it.


You can check up a condition of your hearing, using our quick-online Audiometry. We tried to make as much as possible accessible mean to check your hearing. Though results can differ a little, cause of different head-phones, we are convinced, that results of ours audiometry are close to real audiograms if loud level of calibration is correct.

On our site you can do audiograms regularly, only you need to pass simple registration and to buy the voucher.Your graphic audiogram is created at the end of the audio-test automatically , you can visually see the schedule of your ability to hear sounds at different frequencies, and you may compare them during periods of time as your audiograms remain in your profile.

We hope, that you benefit online audiometry and care your hearing.

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